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ALD Lighting is a unique firm offering integrated design services beyond aesthetics and engineering. Our lighting design experience encompasses expertise in hospitality, creative offices, higher education, media, campuses, entertainment, gaming and theme park attractions. We are nationally recognized with offices located in Los Angeles, New York City, Miami and New Jersey.

What Sets Us Apart

At ALD, we pride ourselves on being nimble and responsive. We focus on building relationships with owners, developers, architects and project management firms. Lighting is often a critical path item. It requires definition while the architectural design is being created. We are there for the conversation and collaboration as the team explores design solutions. The results are the perfect balance of Design, Value and Delivery.  

Our key value is the advantage being part of  a multi-faceted firm that offers design services in MEP, Low Voltage, Audiovisual and Acoustics as well as Renewable Energy and Manufacturing services. This unique offering gives us the ability to streamline projects and meet delivery deadlines with ease. We know the lighting marketplace! 

Our Philosophy

We are creators who span technical knowledge and spatial senses. Our projects have been experienced all over the world. Those years of understanding inform each new project. The lexicon of light is ever changing, and our continued involvement informs and is influenced by that evolution. We find the best value proposition for the light – providing emphasis and movement. Our work bridges design, engineering, and the constructed environment. From the first sketch to the first day a client moves in we are there to speak for the space.

Contact Us

John Martin
ALD Lighting 
2155 Campus Drive, Suite 220
El Segundo, CA 90246
424.218.4674 direct
323.537.6195 mobile

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